• HF Vacuum Woodworking Machinery

    HF Vacuum Woodworking Machinery

    Fast speed and high efficiency. High frequency heating is 3-5 times faster than hot steam.So it can save the power and improve the efficiency. Uniform heating. High frequency heating is dielectric heating.it forms electric filed with positive and negative pole.HF power can penetrate material deeply.The water or glue molecules in the material will get heated themselves by friction among molecules.In this way,they get heated from the core material,much more uniformly. Good applicability. High frequency heating can heating can heat kinds of thickness material.,such as 2-3 mm veneer surface lamination.1000mm thick engineered wood gluing. And different frequency can meet different material requirement . Strong controllability. High frequency heating is easy control and suitable for automatic production. Environment friendly. High frequency heating does not need boiler,there is no dust,no fog,no pollution.

  • HF Vacuum Woodworking Machine

    HF Vacuum Woodworking Machine

    High frequency generator This is the core parts of the machine ,all procedures and main technology are inside ,including PLC ,electric valve etc. Cooling tower This part mainly used in hot weather ,the main usage is to cool the internal temperature,guarantee the drying speed and quality . Timber cart We have both full-auto mode and manual feeding model for your choose as your requests. Stainless condenser Inside glass fiber reinforced plastics, avoid the corrosion from the drying mositure of timber . Pressure system We have both hydraulic and pneumatic ,that means common oil system and air pressure system ,thay are to prevent the wood bocoming bend and crack . Perforated aluminum plate and wooded bar These 2 parts are to seperate wood to dissipating heat quickly ,guarantee the drying speed.

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